Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekend at Jenny's!

I woke up early this morning again, thankfully. I made myself go to bed early! I got showered and ate a wonderful breakfast that I also had for lunch yesterday, spinach and egg pie!

Breakfast Pie

It's my new favorite thing, although I added an avocado to the mix. So yummy. And also something I'm addicted to, Van's French Toast Sticks. Totally gluten free and full of lots of good carbs. I almost cut out all carbs but I was getting hungry pretty quickly after breakfast. No more! Now, on to the rest of my day...

Gracie is here! Gracie is here! Well, Gracie has been here several times of course, but never overnight. We are so excited to have her! Today after we picked her up, we came back here and she spent quite a bit of time trying to escape.

Grace Escaping

I think she was expecting to go somewhere more exciting.

Grace and Alligator

That's more like it! Gracie LOVES albino American alligators!

We took Grace to the Children's Aquarium in Dallas. She likes aquariums and this time she got to pet a sting ray. She just giggled and giggled.

Taking care of Grace all day is like marathon weight training so I didn't do any formal training, but we did walk around a lot. I'm being bad and eating Sweedish Fish, but only a serving instead of the whole thing!

Off to put Gracie to bed and I think I might sleep myself.

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