Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day Four

In case you were all wondering...I am going to school to be a programmer, specifically in web development. My first two classes were Microcomputer Applications (or, computers for dummies, needless to say I got an A) and Interpersonal Communication (I also got an A, it was a fun class). This summer I take a developmental math class, because I am terrible at math, then in the fall I take the math class that will satisfy my credit. I am also going to take Fundamentals of Programming I (yay, I finally get to program something!). I decided to "spruce" up the blog a little bit but I didn't flex my programming muscles too much. I am such a perfectionist that if I did write up my own template for this blog, it would take away so much precious time that could be spent doing other things, like watching Modern Family. Seriously though, I hope this is a bit easier on the eyes.

I really had to drag myself out of bed today. My doggies were in a bit of a tizzy this morning. Pippin, our Bichion Frise, is the neediest dog in the entire world. He has allergies and tends to scratch himself until he bleeds. Well, he's sporting the cone of shame this week and he is not happy about it. He came running onto the bed at 7:30 this morning acting like he'd just seen a ghost and would not leave my side. Puck, our puggle, is a black ball of insanity. He's still a puppy and enjoys chewing anything he can get his teeth on. He stays in his kennel when we are asleep, but he was ready to be out and I was not!

So, when I finally did get to the gym, there wasn't a soul in the weight room! I spent a little time on each cardio machine and I did two runs of everything on the weight training side. I can feel myself getting stronger with each rep! I hope this helps some of my rib/back issues, as I am sure they are only that way because I don't have strong muscles back there!

I found the blog of a woman who has a similar build to mine and she has the cutest short hair! I called the gal who cuts my hair and I have an appointment for Saturday. I promise to take pictures when it's done!

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