Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day Two

At the beginning of 2010, I started to feel really run-down and tired, almost constantly. I was always sore and stiff. The mornings were the worst, I just couldn't get myself out of bed. I discovered that I was Vitamin D deficient. I was also tested for a plethora of other things, like arthritis and such. Eventually it was figured out that milk was causing all of these issues. The lactic acid was building up in my joints, causing them to ache and be stiff. In August I stopped eating/drinking all milk products, which has been a challenge for me, as I love cheese. It clearly doesn't love me!

I woke up today feeling tired and sore. My body is obviously not used to this abuse. I noticed today that the treadmill makes me sick after about 10 minutes. I don't know why, but it makes me dizzy. I hope that changes! I learned how to properly weight train. To find the right amount of weight you should be lifting, do 15 reps in a row. If you can't do 15, it's too much weight, but if you get to 15 and you can keep going, you are doing too little. 15 is the magic number. Using that knowledge, I feel today's weight training was much more effective.

My arms were SORE this afternoon! The muscles I use everyday to lift the 50+ pound 8 year old weren't screaming too badly though!

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